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Adopt A Light Fall Season Campaign

by McLaughlin Theatre Company

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About This Campaign

Adopt A Light!
We're now accepting donations! We need your help to reach our goal, and any amount makes a difference!
Today there are so many needy theatre lights waiting to be adopted. This adorable baby spot, and his brothers and sisters, only need a loving home (The McLaughlin Studio Theatre), good food (plenty of electricity), and a gifted family (the casts, staff, and crew of our upcoming season) to grow into a magnificent, glowing LED beauty to add to the visual power and colorful dimension of our productions. So many worthy lights are ready to create stunning effects and now, with your help, we can make their, and our, dreams come true.

If you donate one full adoption fee ($350.00 or more), you will be honored on stage at the unveiling of your adoptee!

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