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Support CAIR-Cincinnati's Work With Your Donation

by CAIR-Ohio, Cincinnati Chapter

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About This Campaign

CAIR is the nation's leading civil rights and advocacy organization serving the needs of American Muslims. Now more than ever, it is vital that communities of good will are organized and working hard to defend those who are being mistreated. CAIR is in the forefront combating Islamophobia with education, community and interfaith events, civil rights advocacy and community activism. When victims of anti-Muslim and anti-Islam crimes come to us, we represent all of our clients free of charge and fight hard to gain them justice.

In order to continue our services, we need YOUR support! Your donation will provide legal help to those who've been discriminated against, education to erase the ignorance that leads to hate, and outreach to elected officials and the media to advocate for policies that will build a stronger and more tolerant America.

Please consider making a one-time donation or if possible, a recurring monthly donation. Even small amounts help.

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