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Help us Build a More Peace Literate World!

by 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation

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About This Campaign

At this year's September 11th Miami Valley Peace Heroes Walk Around the World,
eleven-year-old, Sarah inspired us with her original song:

"This is my world, this is your world,
What kind of world do we want it to be?
Here in my world, here in your world,
All of the children should be happy and free."

Our mission is to help build a peace literate world where our children can grow up safe, happy and free. Your generous donation will help us as we expand our mission in 2017 to ten states including Southwest Ohio and the West Coast of the U.S.

Through community events like Peace Hero Walks, forums, live music performances and social media, we have launched a grassroots campaign to promote "peace literacy for all."

Peace literacy provides the skills and knowledge for all of us to foster a world of civility, respect, empathy, tolerance, critical thinking, justice, listening, and trust -- to name a few.

In a world where our children experience far too much fear mongering, bullying, violence and intolerance, we are asking for your help today so that we can empower them to find solutions to the violence in their lives.

You can sign up to get our monthly updates and watch how your support is making a difference. By clicking on our donation button, you can help us remain steady in our vital work.

Yours for a more peace literate world,

Jerry Douglas Leggett
President & CEO
21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation

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