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Building Fund

by Florida PTA


About This Campaign

Florida PTA owns its own headquarters building. It was originally built in 1968.

The Building Fund was established to assist with maintenance, repairs and general upkeep.

Individual members, PTA units, County councils and others may donate to the fund.

The purpose of this fund is to replace reserves that are used to for needed repairs and to establish an ongoing fund to maintain the home of Florida PTA.

In the beginning, our correspondence and clerical work was completed by the president, officers and chairmen. Each administrative change meant moving records and materials. In September 1930, our first "state office" opened in a downtown Tampa conference room, and employed a part-time secretary. The next move in 1932, to the home of the president, employed a part-time secretary and purchased a new duplicating machine! In 1938, the state office was set up in Manatee, with a part-time secretary. 1938 established the headquarters for the state office in Orlando, located in the Vocational School building, at the Orange County Public Schools and employed a full-time secretary. In 1943, an additional part-time office assistant was added to handle mailing of the Florida Parent Teacher Bulletin. The first state office building was built in the 1950s on Orange Avenue on Lake Ivanhoe. The current state office building opened January 2, 1969, with a formal dedication on November 21, 1969. A time capsule was buried at that time to be opened in the long off year of 2000.

We came a long way in 75 years. This year we reached thousands of people at our convention, conferences and local PTA meetings. We have touched thousands of children through our efforts at our local schools. We have accomplished a lot, but there is still more to do. As we end one century and begin another, we need to continue to work together for the good of all children. This history is dedicated to our children... the children of Florida. May the day come when all children will achieve the goals for which we are striving and remember us kindly and with affection.

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