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Urgent Appeal from Rocky Mountain Bible College and Seminary

by Rocky Mountain Bible College and Seminary

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0% of $135,000 Goal

About This Campaign

Rocky Mountain Bible College is first and foremost committed to equipping believers to clearly and accurately present the gospel of God’s free grace: Justification through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, with no admixture of works before, during, or after salvation as conditions for salvation.

We're now accepting donations! We need your help to reach our goal, and any amount makes a difference. You are making this possible. In today’s world, don’t be a part of the "Overwhelmed and Underprepared!"

Today, we find ourselves in a world of forced uncertainties and a denial of absolute truth, those who desire to impact their world for Jesus Christ need to be solidly grounded in the Word of God, prepared to present God’s unchanging truth with confidence as well as competence.

Where does the journey begin? Where it should—with the Bible. The Bible is central in both name and curriculum at Rocky Mountain Bible College. The Bible, the written Word of God, is the divinely inerrant source for truth, which holds his instructions for living. Our mission is to encourage you to learn the Bible thoroughly and to live according to its principles—to develop a biblical worldview. With this perspective, you will be energized and confident to serve God in your chosen ministry.

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