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9% of $10,000 Goal

Consider giving something to those who have given so much!

by United Farmer Veterans of Maine

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9% of $10,000 Goal

About This Campaign

There are so many way these days to give and help many different types of charities. Today we want you to know that there is a Veterans organization in Maine, that focuses on Veterans helping Veterans and works tirelessly each day to assist Maine veterans see success in their personal agriculture dreams and goals.

Today you have a unique opportunity to become a part of this organization by making a donation to help us do our job each day. We have many veterans working hard across Maine and our biggest barrier right now is funds to keep these efforts moving forward. Your donation today will allow us to help so many veterans in Maine start meeting their goals in agriculture. We help homeless veterans get a place to live, so they can get work and start learning to farm themselves, and one day they will own their own farms or become a farm manager on a farm somewhere else. At the end of the day your contribution is reaching so many parts of our community right now through your thoughtful help to a veteran.

What do you say, will you become a stakeholder in Maine's agriculture future by investing in our veterans one at time? We can make a big difference here in Maine, and we want YOU on our team. Please consider a donation today.

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