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0% of $38,799 Goal

Happy Everything!

by Cornerstone Family Healthcare

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0% of $38,799 Goal

About This Campaign

This year let’s make every tooth count!

Bam. We are at the finish line and ready to close the gap of $38,799.50 on our Drive For A Mobile Dental Van Campaign to purchase and deploy a Mobile Dental Van as an extension of our Lipman Family Dental Centers. The van will provide comprehensive diagnostic, preventative and restorative dental care and expand dental services in Western Orange and Rockland counties. The van will help conquer two obstacles to positive Dental Health, Cost and Accessibility.

PEDIATRICS: The van will travel to elementary school programs to provide direct on-site dental services to children, without requiring their parents to miss work or take time off for dental appointments.

SENIORS: Understanding the importance of making access to oral health care convenient, particularly for our senior citizens, Cornerstone will launch a pilot program to bring quality dental care to Orange County’s under served Elderly Residents.

HOMELESS: The van will travel to multiple shelters and food banks, similar to Cornerstone Family Healthcare Mobile Family Medical vans, and provide Adult and Pediatric Dental Services to this Most Vulnerable Population.

The Campaign Leadership Team invites you to join this important initiative.

Larry & Ronnee Lipman

Linda S. Muller
Cornerstone President & CEO

Alban Burke, DDS, FACD
Cornerstone Chief of Dentistry

Thank you!

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