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10% of $65,000 Goal

State Historical Fund Cash Match Challenge

by Governor's Residence Preservation Fund

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10% of $65,000 Goal

About This Campaign

Dear Preservation Partner,

We invite you to invest in the preservation of one of Colorado’s most iconic civic buildings. The Governor’s Residence at the Boettcher mansion is a physical reminder of the wealth that resulted from Colorado’s industrial and entrepreneurial endeavors aimed at putting the Colorado Territory on the path to statehood. More recently, this building has become a symbol of civic pride as it hosts the guests of Colorado’s Executive Office and acts as a showcase of the beauty and bounty of Colorado.

Many are surprised to learn that the Residence has no dedicated funding from the State. While the State cares for the building, it simply does not have the financial resources to properly maintain this beautiful home and keep up with the growing backlog of work. The GRPF, a 501(c)3 partner of the State, is working to keep this home standing proudly so that we may continue to invite all Coloradans into this special place to learn about Colorado’s History and civic leadership. That is why we are asking for your financial support.

Today, the GRPF is thrilled to announce a new matching grant opportunity to support its efforts to preserve the historic perimeter structures surrounding the Residence. Inspired by a generous grant from the Colorado State Historical Fund, the GRPF invites individuals, organizations, and corporations to triple the impact of their contributions by giving our preservation challenge.

Cash matching funds reflect the community's commitment to the proposed project. Please join us in supporting the successful restoration of the 110-year-old perimeter fence. Every dollar donated will be matched by the SHF grant at a rate of 3 to 1!

The Mansion and exterior structures like the historic brick and iron perimeter fence are exposed to the elements all day, every day, and the wear and tear on this structure is tremendous. The grant awarded to the GRPF will allow us to repair and re-inforce the historic masonry, clean and repair the decorative iron fence, recast the large ball finials that adorn the posts, and repair the access gates. The grant pays for 75% of the project and all we need to complete over 200 feet of fence is $62,340. The GRPF has already restored the north 300 ft of the historic perimeter fence…this project will finish the entire Logan Street portion. For over 100 years this fence has signaled to viewers that this home is special. Restoring the wall to its original form allows passersby to view the stunning architectural details and George Kessler designed gardens and also secures the building for use by the Executive Office.

Please join us in enhancing an amazing part of Colorado’s civic pride through a tax deductible contribution to the GRPF. Your investment will go a long way in making a significant impact on the legacy of one of our most important Colorado Treasures.

The Governor's Residence Preservation Fund Board of Directors and Staff

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