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6% of $5,000 Goal

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6% of $5,000 Goal

About This Campaign

Join Norwalk Preservation Trust by making a donation on this page. Memberships are annual, beginning from the date you join.

Individual memberships are $25. Family memberships are $50. Supporting memberships are $120 and include donor recognition on our web site. Our highest level of membership is NPT Patron, a $300 donation. You can make your donation a recurring monthly amount during checkout [$10 x 12 = $120 and $25 x 12 = $300], which counts toward your annual membership total. Contribute any amount to become a member and begin receiving our newsletter, advance notice of our events, and other benefits.

All memberships and donations are fully tax-deductible. Norwalk Preservation Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to preserve Norwalk’s irreplaceable historic buildings and neighborhoods by raising awareness and taking appropriate action when necessary. We fulfill our mission through education, information, advocacy award programs, and public events. We believe that Norwalk’s historic environment and architectural heritage should be a living part of the community.

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