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2% of $20,000 Goal

Support Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods

by Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods

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2% of $20,000 Goal

About This Campaign

We're now accepting donations! We need your help to reach our goal, and any amount makes a difference.

Our entire community is better off when all of its neighborhoods are healthy and thriving.

To help ensure lasting change in our community, Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods is using Asset-Base Community Development to strengthen communities – an innovative, place-based approach to community development from within by working with Neighbors. NBN mission is based on a resident-led, asset-based initiative to focus investments on interconnected solutions within all area of Winston-Salem. These complex issues require comprehensive solutions and your support!

Through your partnership with Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, we are engaging residents in a number of ways to ensure that our investments align with the priorities of those who live in and experience their neighborhoods everyday.

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