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26% of $15,000 Goal

Scenery Worth Saving #Protect62

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26% of $15,000 Goal

About This Campaign

The beauty of Joshua Tree first greets visitors and locals alike through the rise of desert lands alongside Highway 62. But these important desert lands remain at risk, protected only by the whims of those who privately own them.

That is why Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT) has launched #Protect62, a new campaign to protect remaining intact desert lands along the highway in Joshua Tree.

Over the years residents have rallied against highway developments that threaten to interrupt critical wildlife corridors and crucial linkages, and otherwise harm our unique desert land and community. Together we can buy and protect this land before new developments can even be proposed.

In 2013 MDLT successfully acquired and protected Gateway Section 33, a 623 acre Joshua tree forest along Highway 62. With your support, we can purchase another crucial 80 acres, located right next to MDLT’s headquarters, forever protecting an important wildlife corridor.

We need your help in raising $15,000 in order to protect these additional 80 acres.

The land parcel will likely cost over $400,000 in total. MDLT is already hard at work to raise that money, but we need you with us in this fight. Every single one of you and every single dollar gets us closer to our goal.

Together we can protect this desert paradise, and prevent it from becoming another parking lot.


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