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0% of $5,000,000 Goal

Help Us Rebuild Our Community!

by Flint River Habitat for Humanity

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0% of $5,000,000 Goal

About This Campaign

Help us Rebuild our community! So many families have recently lost their homes during the devastating storms that hit our area in January 2017. Most of these families lost EVERYTHING; clothes, dishes, toiletries, family photos, electronics, vehicles. Everything. Imagine not having anything to even call your own anymore. Imagine having to ask for underwear or shoes, because yours were blown away, or having to look for a hot meal, because you no longer have a stove or pots and pans to cook with. Imagine not having a bed (or bedroom) to sleep in.

Did you know that with your help, these people could not only have a safe roof over their heads and affordable home to live in, but they could own that home. Help us help these people realize that the dream of homeownership is not just a dream; It can be reality!

Our long term goal is to raise $5,000,000 build 100 homes for those who lost everything in the storms. We need 5,000 people to commit to donating $10/month for 10 years! Help us rebuild our community and provide the possibility of homeownership to those who need it so much.

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